Friday, 31 January 2014

Elisets and the Prelentic Class


This is a term used to describe an aspect of fendumentology that can largely be considered in isolation. This allows us to organise our studies into smaller subject areas, and also assists those who decide to specialise rather than obtain a general overview.

The Prelentic class

All fenduments within the prelentic class have a number of terms in common. As the intention is to study the periclentious fendument, one should be familiar with these terms, of which the following are most common:
  • Embrophemes,
  • Globinscular Region
  • Activants (in particular, Daerthropes),
  • Namli,  
  • Bezets,
  • Olythins
  • Serbels and
  • Psericles.
From this point, all unqualified references to a fendument will assume we are discussing the periclentious fendument, and consequently these prelentic terms will apply.

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