Friday, 31 January 2014

Essential Terminology

The following terms are essential if you wish to gain an understanding of the periclentious fendument.


An embropheme is the general term for a body within the fendument. Embrophemes can contain other embrophemes, so when it is necessary to identify those that are not within another, we refer to them as high-level embrophemes or grellitrae.

Globinscular Region 

This can be thought as the space that separates the high-level embrophemes. It is a diffusional matrix that governs how a number of reactions occur.


An activant is the general term for something that effects a change within the fendument. The primary activant within a fendument is called a daerthrope, and these will be discussed in detail. We will come across a further type called an irethone.


Whilst embropheme is the general term for a body within a fendument, a namli is a basic embropheme, usually comparatively small in size, occurring in larger numbers. Examples are phlaba, umicrophenes, taebrites and gylons.


This is the general term for a physical part of an embropheme. 


This is a skin, membrane or other such boundary around an embropheme.


This is a channel that connects one area of the fendument to another. It may be a bezet within an embropheme, or a physical connection between two embrophemes.


 This is an opening, usually in the surface of an embropheme, through which activants may pass in or out.

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