Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Enumerated Similarity States - 2: Diessivity

Daerthropes can contain a number of base activant settings. Some of these have an Enumerated Similarity State Index Value (ESSIV) that determines how one daerthrope may be compared against another. The second of five settings under consideration here is:


Daerthropes that have this ESS activated are only affected if they are within an embropheme in contact with a vasque. The ESS does not have an effect in the globinscular region itself.

Groups of daerthropes with the same or complementary ESSIV take precedence over those with an inferior Index Value.

To assist in understanding the concept of complementary ESSIVs,  one may think of a diessive pair of daerthropes having negative and positive Index Values. If a daerthrope with index values of -2 and +2 are within a relevant embropheme, those with indexes of +/-3, +/-4 would be excluded from the embropheme. Also a single daerthrope with an index value of 1 would be excluded provided that no daerthrope with an index of -1 was present, and vice versa.

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