Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Enumerated Similarity States - 5: Quinessivity

Daerthropes can contain a number of base activant settings. Some of these have an Enumerated Similarity State Index Value (ESSIV) that determines how one daerthrope may be compared against another. The fifth of five settings under consideration here is:


This is the fifth identified ESS. When a cruomative force establishes a vasque within a prelentic fendument, daerthropes with that have this ESS enabled have an effect upon sarpoids within the vasque.

The daerthrope(s) with the superior fifth ESS Index Value nullify those sarpoidal ethroceles imposed by subquinessive daerthropes.

Consequently, any metanolic resonance effect instigated by these subquinesisive daerthropes is cancelled within the vasque, irrespective of the location of the source daerthrope.

Nolarin, hidden within the kalim of the Y-body, has already been highlighted as superunessive to all other daerthropes within the periclentious fendument. We can now state that it is also superquinessive to other daerthropes, explaining why embrophemes in the nidroment are not affected via metanolic resonance.

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